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PAGODA® Crab Rangoon breaking apart against a black backdrop

Our Story

Better ingredients mean bigger taste, and that's what PAGODA® products deliver. Our products are filled with quality ingredients like 100% white meat chicken and freshly cut vegetables. We pull it all together with wrappers made from scratch, and tempting sauces like our Sweet Chili sauce with just a hint of a kick. The result? Utopia.

For a different type of snack, try our Cream Cheese Wontons, made with all of the good stuff (like freshly-cut veggies) and none of the bad (like MSG or preservatives). Our Crab Rangoon is made with 100% real rock crab meat and cream cheese and all of our potstickers come with Lime Ponzu Sauce for some extra zing.

All of our products have zero trans fats, use no artificial food dyes, have no high fructose corn syrup, and we never add MSG. So don't limit yourself to serving PAGODA® products on Asian night … get a little crazy and try them for lunch. Or a snack.

PAGODA®. We've got snacktime all wrapped up!