PAGODA® Chicken Egg Rolls

Freshly Cut
Crispy TextureTasty Filling

Put the Egg Rolls In

When you’re about to see something cool you say "grab the popcorn".
When you’re about to do something awesome you say "hold my beer".
For basically every other moment in life, we say "Put the Egg Rolls In!"

Because Egg Rolls are the ridiculously craveable snack that are both delicious and easy to prepare.

Friends coming over to binge-watch? Put the egg rolls in!
Hunkering down for a marathon gaming session? Put the egg rolls in!
Good day? Bad day? Partying? Bored? PUT THE EGG ROLLS IN!

With golden brown crispy, crunchy wrappers, fresh-cut vegetables, tasty filling, and ingredients you can see PAGODA® Egg Rolls are the perfect snack to crush your cravings. All of our egg rolls are packed with protein and have no artificial ingredients or preservatives… because that’s just how we roll.

So whether you're sitting down to a night of solo gaming and sweatpants or a late night with friends, with PAGODA® it’s always the right time to "Put the Egg Rolls In".